Unique countertops include:

  • Stone slabs from around the world
  • ​From France, enameled lavastone and pewter
  • Glass from North America and Europe
  • Concrete, quartz, solid surface, wood, porcelain, and high tech laminates from North America and Europe

Unique lighting solutions for cabinet interiors and work spaces. 

Leading edge design and material selections from anywhere in the world

Our finishes are world class. Italian two-part polyurethanes, polyesters, and acrylics are not only incredibly tough, but have a wonderful furniture quality feel.

Unlike most kitchen design studios, we do not have a pre-made line of cabinets that you must choose from. Instead, Dibblevile Woodworks designs around your vision and lifestyle.  Because we are a design/build company, we are able to fabricate with premium materials from anywhere in the world. Creating cabinetry that is uniquely your own from our Fenton, Michigan shop.

Internal cabinetry storage solutions are fabricated in-house or sourced from leading edge North American and European manufacturers.

Our functional hardware (slides and hinges) feature the finest German and Austrian technology. Electric servo-drive doors and drawers add convenience and ergonomic utility.

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Hand-selected solid timbers for doors and drawer fronts ensures grain consistency.​ Raw veneers, instead of plywood or pre-made sheets of veneer, allow us to book-match entire rooms.